Brandon Dougherty(non-registered)
Hey Jerry!

I found your website! Very cool.

It was nice meeting and talking to you last weekend. Let's stay in touch and share tips and photographs.

Next time I'm down there I will stop by again. Take Care!
Kristin Lopez(non-registered)
Amazing images. We chatted in Yellowstone and you gave me your card. I’m so happy you did. I love your work.
Rhonda Wells(non-registered)
Jerry, these are absolutely AMAZING!!!! Allen said I should check out your work - he was so right!!!!
Steve Sims(non-registered)
You certainly have an eye for the photo, wonderful pictures Jerry.
Wow I never saw something like this ! Great photos
Amin Razvi(non-registered)
Awesome!!!! I love the photos, wonderful works of art.
Connie Burch Gill(non-registered)
Very very good work. I love looking at pictures of anything... Where can you sign up at. I would love to keep up with it when you add more...
Larry Colter(non-registered)
Jerry, really great work. I'd love to have a gallery like yours. Maybe in a few years.

Stan Kirkland(non-registered)
Amazing photos!
Adi Matus(non-registered)
Great site.
Very talented photographer.
Thank you very much for sharing your photos.
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